The SkullOne of the stories of the skull is that it is the skull of a youth, and a slight fracture mark suggests he died from a blow to the head, when an angry sea captain, well doused in French brandy, used the butt of his pistol with undue strength. The boy was placed under the staircase, and there remained undiscovered until after the fire, which occurred sometime in the 19th century.

Some say it was found in the attic, during the renovations of 1881, and is the remains of some poor serving girl whose hapless life was squandered, perhaps as the result of a secret liaison, that, the landlord of the time was doubtless certain to ensure remained a secret, by placing the body in a dark attic and sealing it up.

Some time ago the skull was removed for careful renovation, and doctors and physicians have examined it on a number of occasions. This human skull can be found in a small corner, behind the Small Saloon Bar, in a Perspex case, on entering the pub and turning to your left.